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About Us

About us:

With booming economy, we are lacking maintaining the basic human right in many occasion because of some financial support. Instantsalaries.com is a platform to reduce that misery and help to live in pride with little help against your salary or emergencies.  We also introduced interest free platform where you can access with any additional fee at your own condition. Here you can also participate to deposit your money in secure way and also can distribute your inner beauty of helping others through our charity management system.

Fast Approval

With the help of digital automation, we have made our loan approval process much faster compared to any other platform or financial institute. We are continuously improving to provide you instant support. Apply now to give it a try.

Zero Interest Rates

We do not have any rigid interest rates, the practice is 100% justified and Islamic in every way. We only take some subscription fee for maintenance and profit distribution.

Easy Processing

Our user friendly and tech enabled platform ensures that getting your loan approved is simply a few clicks away. Do not go by our words; try our platform to fulfill your loan needs. Start applying for your loan now!

No Prepayment Charges

We are free to settle and apply again with No additional charges. We provide the flexibility of prepayment and sanctions to our borrowers.

Our Mission & Vision

In a country of a billion dreams, easy access to credit could not only fulfill individual dreams but also ultimately contribute to the growth story of a young nation. In a country of a billion ambitions, new ways of wealth generation could not only feed the pillars of tomorrow, but also fuel millions of dreams waiting in hope.

Instantsalaries.com was a confluence waiting to happen, where a demographic waiting for their needs to be addressed meets one that addresses the need. Bangladesh currently houses 5 – 10 million salaried individuals who unfortunately aren’t covered by traditional credit providing institutions. We also have a large pool of middle and high income population constantly looking out for structured avenues of investments with fixed timely returns. Instantsalaries.com is where these two demographics symbiotically meet in a confluence.

Instantsalaries.com was born out of a need to find a simpler way to search for a loan. We connect lenders looking for a healthy and structured return on investment to creditworthy borrowers looking to fulfill their loan requirement. We are the fastest growing P2P lending platform in the country. We created a unique proprietary search platform that filled the gaps left by other in the market. Led by passionate problem-solvers and backed by top investors from around the world, we are poised to become the most trusted platform for lenders and borrowers in Bangladesh.

Our Energetic Team

MD Monzur Alam Sikder

Managing Director

Being a Founder and sustainable business visionary with 25 years in business,governance, over the years, MD. Monzur Alam Sikder has accumulated experience in substances of business expansion, operations, investment and strategic management and many more. Having boundless skills in communication enlargement and maintaining corporate relationships with various classified successful industrialist/ market leaders, he gained immense expertise. Demonstrated with unparalleled devotion in enlargement of corporation through idealistic product development, ethical management practice and excellent leadership skills in motivating talented employees, he founded Alesha Holdings Limited- a new venture with people oriented vision.

Sadia Chowdhury


Surprising control over business and administration standard as they pertain in advancement, resource allocation, quality control of product and leading others. Having excellent knowledge in information management with experience using project management. Strong Communicator and visionary thinking with experience in both public speaking and interpersonal affiliation. Capable of genuinely connect, understand and empathize with patron to assist them in overcoming their challenges.

MD Ashraful Hoque

Executive Director

MD Ashraful Hoque started his corporate journey in the early stage of his educational life in 2012 and earned an experience of more than 8years in various posts. Functioning as the Executive Director of the company with a vast experience in Agro technology assuring finest sources from Australia, Africa, Europe and Asia. Introducing the state of art technology for modern farming, he is deliberately reaching the mission and vision of the company under direct instructions from the Managing Director. With an experience of administrating over 400 people under this organization, he is also efficient with asset management, legal affairs, compliance, banking and market analysis, policy making, utilizing.

Affiliation & Certification

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