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1. What are the application process for instant salary?

Just register and give us the necessary information, we will knock and approve your proposal within 30minutes (Subject to information authentication)

2. How can I be eligible for the instant salary?

Under the conditions, providing valid and true information, Deposit reference code, references, HRD confirmation (not every conditions are applicable for approval)

3. If I am a depositor (stakeholder or investor), do I need approval eligibility documentation?

No, you can avail the fund anytime if your code does not exceed your deposit limit. You can withdraw instantly through any financial via or cash.

4. Do I need to pay any interest?

No, this service is interest free and no hidden costs over any term. You just need to pay subscription fee (only if any credit service taken). No subscription fee for the depositors.

5. Do I need to pay interest or charges if I take the loan repeatedly?

No, if you are subscribed, you can avail your limit loan 24*7 as many time as you want without any extra charges.

6. Do I need to submit authorization letter from HRD?

Yes, if your company has no corporate deal with us. And you fail to use deposit reference code or your references denies to give your referral.

7. Will my references be liable for my loan?

Yes, if you cannot return your loan amount within 15days of your credit expiry.

8. If I provide deposit code to anyone, will I be liable?

Yes, you will not be able to withdraw your fund unless the credit taker return his loan amount or transfer deposit or reference code. You will be liable if he/she does not return the loan within 15days of expiry.

9. What will be the impact of late return?

If you fail to make the return on time, we will give you 3 days. If not retuned within 3days. You will lose the confidence and your references will be requested to call you and assure the return. After 10 days you will be black listed and we will apply the recovery process.

10. What will be the maximum amount I can get against my salary?

The amount depends on credit score, which can be influenced by proper application. The amount for maximum would be BDT 1,00,000.00

11. Will any membership or credit card increase my credit score?

Yes, it will definitely add some value if maintained properly.

12. What is the difference between stakeholder and investor?

Stakeholders are long term investor with additional benefits and authority.

13. What would be the deposit amount for deposit code?

For stakeholder the code starts from BDT 50,000.00 and for the investor code it starts from BDT 10,000.00

14. Can a depositor withdraw his money anytime with said profit?

No, the profit will be provided proportionately for the deposited period only.

15. Can a depositor take loan or authorize anyone?

Yes, anytime. The loan for himself within 2minutes. And reference upon verification.

16. Can depositors watch or authorized to see the progress?

Yes, an investor can only watch the summary but a stakeholder can also watch the breakups of loans and deposits.

17. What will be the financial benefit of depositors?

An investor will get 25% of net profit if the profit is made and the stakeholder will get 50% of net profits.

18. Wil depositors bear the loss of the concern?

No, depositors will not bear any losses. The losses if happened will be adjusted from retained earnings.

19. Can I know the credit score from the concern?

Yes, it will need your permission and additional charges. The credit score can be used for loan, credit cards, personal evaluation and tax return.

20. Will the platform help in tax return?

Yes, if requested.

21. Will you deliver the amount in cash?

Yes, without any charges only for medical emergencies. With charges for depositors. In other criteria, we won’t make cash delivery.

22. Is there any charges of disbursement or deposit return?

No, if you request to make disbursement through bank. There are no charges.

23. Will you share our information to any third party?

Never, if not requested or ordered from court or legal authorities.

24. Can I donate to your emergency support criteria?

Yes, you can simply apply the criteria and donate any amount. Which will be transparently used for that criteria only and proportionately to every victim.

25. How can I get emergency loan?

Fill up the information properly. We will call the concerns (hospitals, pharmacy, grocery chain, headmaster or any other applicable), verify and disburse.

26. Will I get any cash for grocery loan?

No, you will get access to our authorized shop for limit amount.

27. Will I get any cash for medicine loan?

No, we will pay directly to the pharmacy.

28. Will I get any cash for medical loan?

No, we will pay directly to the hospitals.

29. Will I get any cash for study loan?

No, we will pay directly to your prescribed institute or process (form fill up cost, admission deposit, examination deposit etc).