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Instant Salary

instnatsalaries.com is a platform where you can get your salary whenever you need them. As, the corporate structure is not developed yet, we had to face many situations due to late salary. And with limited salary, we even failed to meet our emergencies, hobbies and wills often.  Here, you can apply easily and get your salary upon fulfilling some easy steps and get your salary anytime. The eligibility is very simple; you need to be a member (by registering), submit references (deposit code has maximum effectiveness), submit HR approvals (as per format), and employment related documents. We will justify the document and approve a credit limit. You can avail the limit anytime, anywhere, any format you want. The verification is valid until you request to enhance the limit.


Interest free platform.

You can draw and repay as many times as you want with no extra charges.

One time verification with no service charge.

Limit is set by your documentation and credit score.

Maximum BDT 1,00,000 credit approval.

Transparent and Islamic process maintenance.

Flexible subscription fee (at your convenience).